Facts and History


About the hotel

Hotel Björken is run by Sodexo AB and is a very popular hotel with special expertise to receive patients related to healthcare.

The hotel is three-star according to the annual European Harmonized Hotel Classification.
We have 246 rooms of which 8 are handicapped accessible and most of the others are handicapped equipped.


Hotel Björken is centrally located, directly connected to Umeå University. Only a stone’s throw from bus stop with departures to virtually the entire city as well as to the airport, Umeå Airport. The airport is located only 4.5 km from the hotel. In addition, it is only a few hundred meters to Umeå East Station which means that the communications to and from the hotel are considered to be the best in Umeå.

Patient Additional

Our patient guests are patients who are primarily in care at “Norrlands Universitets Sjukhus” (NUS) and come from the Northern Health Region. Rooms with us are always booked by the medical service. We are used by NUS all clinics and the largest patient group belongs to the Cancer Center. These patients often have long-term treatments. Cancer Center conducts reception activities at the hotel and is staffed by two nurses (see contacts).

A criterion for our guests is that they can manage their General Daily Deliveries (ADL) themselves or with the help of a relative or assistant.

Nursing Nurses

For the safety of patients and healthcare, we have a 24-hour reception with nurses, who are also receptionists. Patient guests can choose only accommodation or accommodation with a helinoprint order. For accommodation with helinakordering a total of 90 kr. Will be added.


We offer our own accommodation in rooms with shower, fridge, TV and telephone with the possibility to easily call the reception’s nurses. Relatives can stay with us on a referral from the healthcare or at your own expense.


The restaurant serves all meals like breakfast, lunch, dinner and snacks and is open all week long.

Special Cost

We have great knowledge of special costs and there is an opportunity with a personal meeting with the chef at 14:00 every day.