Massage for your soul

Massage for your soul

 Sjöbris chocolate massage, 50 min SEK 895

A treatment for anyone who needs a little extra relaxation. We give a delightful spa massage with a warm dark chocolate oil. Chocolate brings health to the soul.

You leave the treatment with an attractive fragrance of warm chocolate.

Stones of unity, 50 min SEK 895

Warm stones provide a holistic massage in which the therapist uses the warm stones as a tool, together with warm chilli oil to achieve maximum relaxation. The warming effect of the stones reinforces and deepens the ability of the massage to wind down tension, reduce stress and restore balance in the body.

Havsbadet’s massage, 50 min SEK 895

A massage for anyone who needs a little bit extra. Here we go really deep, and help to loosen tense and tired muscles.

Booking for individual treatments without bathing:

Weekdays Monday-Thursday 10.00 am-8.00 pm and Friday 10.00 am-4.00 pm.