Havsbadet’s new treatments

Treat yourself to one of our wonderful whole-body treatments. We offer warm, marvellous treatments with chocolate or energy.

Gårdsfjärden’s spa treatment, 50 min SEK 895

We take you back to the origin of spas.

We scrub the whole body with sea salt and oils with enchanting aromas of lemon grass and rosemary. We allow the salt to dissolve in a mineral aroma bath with roots from long ago. Your face receives a moisturising and softening mask during the spa treatment, and we end with a pleasant massage that stimulates energy.

Havsbadet’s chocolate harmony, 50 min SEK 895

We fill your body with the feel-good hormone dopamine.

We scrub and pack the body in warm dark chocolate. The face receives a softening treatment full of antioxidants. The skin becomes soft and smooth and ready to absorb moisture, which we supply by the massage application of a body lotion based on white chocolate. You leave the treatment with a faint aroma of chocolate and vanilla.

Nynäs havsbad’s Signatur treatment – Peace to the senses, 50 min SEK 850

Our most popular treatment concentrates on the upper part of the body. We start with a relaxing and harmonious neck and back massage, and end with a softening and remoisturising facial treatment that supplies copious amounts of moisture to the skin, giving a deep-seated glow.

Simply expecting, 50 min SEK 895

Maybe you are expecting a happy event, and need a bit of extra care. We have the perfect treatment just for you.

We help the skin to preserve moisture, making it more elastic and able to expand during the pregnancy. We give a mild body scrub. We apply warm Lovely mother oil over your belly, rump, thighs and the small of the back, and envelope you in warm towels. We end the treatment with a tender massage of the whole body with Body Lotion Beautiful.

Booking for individual treatments without bathing:

Weekdays Monday-Thursday 10.00 am-8.00 pm and Friday 10.00 am-4.00 pm.