About our sustainability work

Better Tomorrow Plan – Sodexo’s plan for a sustainable future

“Better Tomorrow Plan” is a global and long-term program, that will help us as a company with the challenge to contribute to a more sustainable society. What distinguishes the “Better Tomorrow Plan” and which also is the program’s strength, is that all of our stakeholders (employees, customers, consumers, suppliers and institutions) involved take the efforts to create continuous improvement. Our plan covers all 80 countries where we have operations and are based on the four key promises that we measure, monitor and report.

The four priority areas are:

  • To form our people and promote diversity
  • Reducing our environmental impact
  • To promote nutritious meals, health and wellbeing
  • To contribute to the local communities where we operateThe recognized leader in sustainability
  • For several years we have received awards, for our efforts and our progress in sustainability. These include the Dow Jones Sustainability Indices, a global index tracking the financial performance of the leading sustainability-driven companies. The index is based on analyzes of economic, environmental and social factors in companies. Sodexo has been ranked in the top, ten years in a row, as the Global Industry Leader in its industry. RabecoSAMs Yearbook is based on extensive analyzes of economic, environmental and social criteria in more than 2000 companies in the world. In this yearbook Sodexo is classified as the only company within “Gold Class”, in our industry.
  • The program’s strength is based on a cooperation between us and all our stakeholders who participate in the work of creating continuous improvement. Through the activities and the goals we set in these areas, we can together with our stakeholders take the lead for sustainable development.